Program start-up office

Program start-up office
Who is interesting in program start-up office
The entrance to the start-up office may qualify candidates - students or graduates high school (university), those planning an innovative company that will focus on providing products and services in the field of art and technology.

What benefits can be used in the program
Trainee at start-up office can use the offoce for free for 3 months:
  • furnished office with an area of 15 m2,
  • hardware (PC, multifunction devices)
  • Internet connection,
  • meeting room with capacity for 20 people,
  • advice on the establishment of the company and writing a business plan.
Obligations of the trainee in the start-up office
When entering the start-up office trainee signed "Declaration" that will benefit provided under this program in order to improve and expand their knowledge horizon in the business and also directs its innovative intention to commercialization and company foundation.
While working in a start-up office for a trainee job, the trainee have to found the company and write a business plan which will submit incubator management when he will leave the program start-up in office. With it can then apply for admission to the incubator as incubated company.

Conditions for participation in the program
Every candidate for admission to the start-up office must submit the necessary documents to incubator management and must undergo a selection board of incubator.

Presentation of documents
When applying for admission to the start-up office applicant shall submit the following documents:
1. Interview
2. CV of founder company

3. Confirmation of study at university (student/s or graduate/s at University)
Documents applicant shall submit one copy printed with the original signature of the applicant to request a questionnaire and CV (by mail or in person to: University Technology Incubator STU Pionierska 15, 831 02 Bratislava) and also in electronic format (PDF, doc. or pdf.) e-mail:
The incubator management will do their formal control of the submit documents. In the absence of data will invite the candidate by the deadline of 10 working days to complete the submission. As the incubator management is with the outcome of the formal control satisfied, send the documents submitted to the evaluation of the selection board. This fact will inform the applicant.

Evaluation of the Selection board
Evaluation documents submitted by applicants is carried out by filling the scoreboard by member of the board which was sending by the incubator management electronically  together with other documents of the applicant. The selection board has at least 3 guest members who sign an statement of onfidentioality in the documents submitted by applicants. In the case of an even number of members of the board shall determine the name of the incubator staff members of the Commission shall have two votes in a tie vote.
The candidate is successful if it is a majority of the board recommends to enter the start-up office. In the event that the evaluation are more successful candidates than the capacity of the location of the participants in the start-up office, the board shall determine candidates successful in what they are entitled to benefit from the program.
The incubator management transmit the outcome of the decision on their acceptance / non-acceptance to the program start-up agency within 30 working days from submit  documents  by incubator management in printed form. In the event that will offset this period, applicant will be notify in writing form in the period.