Coworking FLEXI ROOM InQb

Coworking FLEXI ROOM InQb

In our incubator we opened  new coworking space FLEXI ROOM. Coworking is intended for our companies, but also for students or  freelancers.

Coworking can be used as shared office space as well as a relax zone (X-box, table football, book corner). Part of the coworking services package is also the opportunity to use the meeting room, to establish a correspondence address in Bratislava at the address of the incubator. An advantage is also the proximity of interesting events that the incubator organizes free of charge especially for entrepreneurs and students right in the building where coworking is set up.


For more information please contact us at or +421 918 669 209.

Thanks for support to our general partner: ESET Foundation and Company, as well as another partner of the incubator's coworking space in Bratislava: Martinus, Pixel FederationSALES MANAGEMENTT-Industry


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